Ngā Urupare Mātauranga mō Te Taumutu – Education ideas response

The korero provided will be information used by Te Taumutu Rūnanga to determine future projects and resource development for the schools kei raro i te korowai kaitiaki o Ruahikihiki, o Moki~under the protective cloak of Ruahikihiki and Moki.

The topics and pātai~questions below have been considered by Te Taumutu Rūnanga Education Committee.   We would like our schools to reflect on and give effect to these when considering their cultural responsivity.

School Details

School name:

Number of pupils:

Number of pupils who identify as Māori:

Number identified as Ngāi Tahu:

Number of staff:

Number of staff who identify as Māori:

Contact name and role of staff member completing this form: (required)

Board of Trustees

What initiatives has the Board undertaken in response to Ka Hikitia?

What specific Māori student achievement targets does your school have in your charter?

What are the key issues facing your school in giving meaningful effect to your obligations under the Treaty of Waitangi?


What staff development in cultural responsivity have you undertaken in the past three years?

Do you have staff who are curently studying te reo? What courses and level of study are they involved in?

Do staff feel confident they have an understanding of basic tikanga? E.g. Mihi whakatau, powhiri, tapu/noa- not sitting on tables or pillows

Is kawa and tikanga and te reo training available to non-teaching staff?

School Practices

How do you reflect Te Taumutu Rūnanga values as outlined in He Tirohanga Uara No Taumutu in your school?

How do you capture your Māori students' feelings about school? What has this influenced?

When and how do you consult with rūnanga to ensure the cultural activities at school are consistent with Taumutu tikanga and kawa?

Curriculum and Delivery

How do you incorporate Ngāi Tahu and Māori content into all curricula areas?

How do you include tuition in Te Reo Māori at every level in the school?

What documents do you use to base your whole language plan on to ensure te reo progression within your school?

How are you supporting the development of literacy and numeracy for Māori students and what impact does your data indicate?

How have you used the Taumutu Resources within your school?

Achievement and attendance

What initiatives do you have in place to raise Māori achievement? Which initiatives appear to be working?

How does Māori achievement compare to the achievement for the total school population?

Is attendance (absence or lateness), non-explained absence and/or behaviour management issues for your Māori students a cause of concern?

What processes are in place to keep Māori students at school ie, role model speakers, mentors etc?

Do you access support to assist you in addressing these issues for your Māori students? E.g. RTLB, Special Education

Physical Environment

What evidence is there of ka mea Māori~ things Māori around your school? E.g. Art works, plantings, bi-lingual signage, whakatauki?


What methods do you use to communicate with whanau at your school? E.g. Whānau hui

How do you evaluate the engagement of Māori parents in key school activities?

Any additional comments you wish to add?